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Awwwwwwwwww :icondragonwant:


I´m really speechless :happycry:
Mina and Videri are looking so amazing and wonderful in your detailed and fantastic drawing style my friend :thumbsup:
The facial expressions are so cute and lovely :aww: Minas view is looking so sweet tired and the way she´s sitting in the bed is so realistic ^____^ Every single detail on her beautiful body is drawn with a lot of love to the detail and her pyjama is having a wonderful red and the fall of the folds is really realistic :star:
The way Videri is bringing Mina the breakfast to the bed is amazing! His happy and lovely facial expression is so cute and Videri is bringing a healthy breakfast :3 I´m so impressed of the realistic and dynamically way he is sitting on the bed and the proportions of his whole body is just amazing and unbelievable :wow: Every scale, every membrane, every muscle and every marking and detail of his body is matching perfect to the light, shadow and proportions!
In my opinion Videri is looking very sexy in your wonderful ArtWork and the black boxer short looks good to him :meow: (:giggle: WHERE do you know that I´m having a boxer short like this? X3 XD)
The room and environment is so dreamlike :love: To be honest the bedroom in your ArtWork is looking like in Minas and Videris dreams :heart: the colours of the walls, the curtain and the golden curtain holder, the ArtWork, the flowers on the wall (red and blue like Videri and Mina :love:) and the flowers next to the bed are so realistic and harmonically :aww:
The light- and shadow effects are really honourable and the whole scene is full of love and trust in the early morning sun :sun:

THANK YOU SO MUCH! :tighthug:
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GoldenTigerDragon Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Haha thanks! :D

I really hope it's worth 5€ because this took me forever... for some reason. :'D
But you're really welcome, and thank you again :glomp:!
4-Elements-Dragon Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012
Youre welcome my friend :glomp:
I have to thank you! :tighthug:

To be honest Im a bit ashamed because your ArtWork is worth much more!
Youre having a wonderful and detailed drawing style and in my opinion your ArtWorks should be more expensive :star: I would pay you much more the next time if youre opening comissions again and if Im lucky to get one ;)
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